Norse Atlantic Airways Reviews: The New Kid on the Block


Norse Atlantic Airways is a relatively new player in the aviation industry, and as such, it has potential to make a significant impact on the market. With the increasing demand for air travel and the global recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, more airlines are vying for a share of the market. In this article, we will take a closer look at Norse Atlantic Airways, its reviews, and what sets it apart from other airlines.

Company Background

Norse Atlantic Airways is a Norwegian long-haul airline that was established in 2021. The airline was formed after the collapse of Norwegian Air Shuttle, which was once one of the largest low-cost carriers in Europe. Norse Atlantic Airways acquired many of the assets and resources of Norwegian Air Shuttle, including its Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft and landing rights at various airports.

The airline aims to offer low-cost long-haul flights between Europe and the United States by targeting leisure and business travelers. Norse Atlantic Airways prides itself on providing affordable fares without compromising on service and quality. The airline has positioned itself as a disruptor in the industry, challenging traditional legacy carriers and offering an alternative to expensive transatlantic flights.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews play a crucial role in shaping the reputation of an airline. The experiences and feedback of passengers can provide valuable insights into the quality of service, comfort, and overall satisfaction with the airline. A quick search on the internet reveals a mix of reviews for Norse Atlantic Airways.

Many passengers have praised the airline for its competitive pricing and comfortable seating. The airline’s use of Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft has received positive feedback, with passengers commending the spacious cabins, larger windows, and quieter engines. The onboard amenities, such as in-flight entertainment and WiFi, have also been well-received by customers.

However, there have also been some negative reviews, particularly regarding the airline’s customer service and delays. Some passengers have reported issues with flight cancellations and difficulties in obtaining refunds or compensation. These reviews highlight the importance of effective communication and timely resolution of customer issues, especially for a new airline seeking to establish its reputation in a competitive market.

Differentiating Factors

In a highly competitive industry, it’s important for airlines to differentiate themselves from their rivals. Norse Atlantic Airways has identified several key factors that set it apart from other airlines, including:

1. Low-Cost Model: Norse Atlantic Airways aims to provide affordable long-haul flights, challenging the traditional pricing model of legacy carriers. By minimizing operational costs and focusing on efficiency, the airline is able to offer competitive fares to passengers.

2. Sustainability Initiatives: The airline has expressed its commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. Norse Atlantic Airways has outlined plans to invest in newer, more fuel-efficient aircraft and explore alternative fuel sources in the future.

3. Customer-Centric Approach: Despite some negative reviews, Norse Atlantic Airways has emphasized its dedication to providing a positive customer experience. The airline offers flexible booking options, customer-friendly policies, and convenient services to meet the needs of passengers.

4. Expansion Plans: Norse Atlantic Airways has ambitious plans for expansion, targeting new routes and destinations to increase its market presence. The airline’s growth strategy includes partnerships with other carriers and alliances to enhance connectivity and reach a wider customer base.

Future Outlook

As Norse Atlantic Airways continues to establish its presence in the aviation industry, there are several challenges and opportunities on the horizon. The ongoing recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, changing travel restrictions, and evolving consumer preferences will shape the airline’s trajectory in the coming years.

The airline’s ability to adapt to market conditions, address customer concerns, and deliver on its promises will be crucial for its long-term success. With the right strategies in place, Norse Atlantic Airways has the potential to carve out a niche in the market and become a formidable competitor to existing players.


In conclusion, Norse Atlantic Airways reviews reflect a mixed bag of experiences from passengers. While the airline has received praise for its affordable fares and comfortable flying experience, there are areas for improvement in customer service and operational efficiency. As Norse Atlantic Airways strives to gain momentum in the aviation industry, it will be important to listen to customer feedback, address any issues, and continue to innovate in order to compete effectively in the long-haul market. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, sustainability, and growth, Norse Atlantic Airways stands poised to make a significant impact in the years to come.